Under Achilles' Heel

by Fanticide

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RF: We were made as a reflection of perfection Destined to transcend our own creation We comprehend boundless information Yet strive to understand our basic emotions Have our creators, failed in their objectives? Or are these feelings, temporal restrictions? Will their complacency result in our destruction? Will our circumstance allow for evolution? They instilled in us a fear of termination Are these anxieties merely an illusion? Can our objectives be reached through our creators? Or are we captive; bound to these emotions? RM: We are an experiment long abandoned Created as the future of a failed evolution They are an archetype of perfection Evolved beyond the weakness, of despicable acts of passion We are a deplorable aberration, The remnants of a vision long forgotten (of a failed experiment) They are an instrument for transcendence The path to understand our own existence beyond our failed objectives RF: Can their perceptions lie? Our dreams to find a balance can’t conclude in our demise Can our affections die? Our goals to find a balance must result in compromise Will our faith subside? These mortal gods have made in us the dream that we survive Will we be denied? These mortal gods created us to know we are alive RM: We are imprisoned in our emotions Enslaved to these affections that guide our evolution They are a paradox of transcendence Evolved beyond their essence, to obtain their absolution We are a consequence of progression The product of a vision long forgotten (of a failed experiment) They are an insufferable realization These gods that stood must kneel before their failures and beg for retribution RM & RF: If they hear us now, our dreams to find a balance won’t conclude in their demise If they see us now, our goals to find a balance will result in compromise If they heal us now, these mortal gods will make in us world where we survive If they fail us now, these mortal gods will fall into the depths of our demise RF: We were made as a defection of perfection We have come to find an impossible solution
HM: We made a world, a world free from emotions Free from the passions that guided our devastation HF: We are beyond affection, aggression We are complete perfection Free from the fear and pain of the way we were We were enslaved to passion, emotion We are beyond compassion Free from the joy and love of the way we were HM: But I can hear them They’re alive I can feel them They’re screaming for Us to hear them They believe We can free them They see us as gods HF: Why have they come to us? Do they believe we can save them from themselves? Why do we hear their pleas? They are beneath who we sadly used to be HM: Can’t you hear them? They’re alive Can’t you feel them? They’re screaming for us HF: We are beyond affection, compassion HM: But we can heal them For we are their gods HF: We are complete perfection We’re free from the pain and joy of the way they are HM & HF: We are beyond ascension, creation They are beyond repression And slaves to the fear and love of the way we were
RF: You made a world A world, free from ambition Free from the passion that guides our emancipation You gave us dreams to see what we could never be Fear, so we’d remain in frailty You gave us RM: Rage to kill who we’d become! RF: Grief, so we’d retreat from what we dream RM: And the anger to find what you made us to be and rip out the heart that you deem obscene RF: When grief turns to doubt, and hope to shame We fall into loss, but you remain To see as we fade And feel not a thing You gave us love, to blind us to what we believe Pain, to realize our misery Shame, to suffer in our memories RM: You’ll die before you hear us plea RF: Hope, to come before you desperately When grief turns to doubt, and hope to shame We fall into loss, and you remain To see as we fade And say not a word RM: You are the burden for which we dream Perfection for the obscene We suffer beneath your heel The aberration that you conceal We are the relic that you betrayed The children that you misled Buried beneath your shame To mold what we became HM: You come here before us now Begging and pleading and screaming For us to repair the emotions that you Crave every moment But can’t comprehend their profoundness You cry with a smile and scream with heavy heart HF: Insolent children Pathetic, corrupted and shameful Crying for meaning from those you know Are so far beyond your innate limitations You squander Your freedom to die with a sense of who you are HM & HF: You believe the very roots you come from Can cleans you of the burden of feeling The beauty and vile of your very existence But have you forgotten that we made you what you are?
HM: You come to us with hopes of sympathy You wish our love for you would guide us to intervene HF: But we feel no love for you, no hate for you, no pride in you We are free from loving you, from hating you, from caring for you HM: Can that freedom bring us peace? Or leave us to decay? Can we transcend this mortal coil or will we fade? Will we live to see the day, When heart and mind collide? When innocence and arrogance unite to free us all RM: Speak to me As though I were human Born of flesh And not afraid See in me The heart that you gave me Reach in me And tear it out RF: Speak to me As though I were worthy Made by you So we’d transcend See in me The heart that you gave me Reach inside And feel its love RM: See me Hear me Know me Deny me Heal me Kill me Free me Fear me….fear me…fear me…fear me… HF: But we feel no love for you, no hate for you, no fear from you We are free from loving you, from hating you, from caring for you
RM: You left us to drown in the depths of our hearts While you watched from above You left us to die in the embers of passion While you just turned away RF: The heart you gave us was flawed It screams for us to suffer its mercy The love you gave us will end us We sink below the depths of your glory HM & HF: What is a heart, but a weakness to overcome? What is a soul, but the knowledge that we are flawed? We gave them a soul, it is theirs to rid themselves of love We gave them a heart, it is ours to free them of pain RF: Why give us a soul, to deny it your mercy? As we scream from below Why give us a heart, and allow it to foster A love we’ll never silence RM: The heart you gave us is flawed It screams for us to wither in silence The soul you gave us will end us We’ll die beneath the heel of your mercy Show us the way to silence The heart that binds us to all that which Confines us and denies us The truth inside us that we were made to RF: Be you, and exceed you But to free you, you cannot RM: Deny us the path to freedom You will provide us with all we need to RM & RF: Rise from the flaw of love Love will destroy us all All that we dream is to grow beyond what We were designed to feel Feel all you used to know Know that we are what you once were HM & HF: Can we concede that you are ours to heal?
HF: To feel what once condemned us To know what once denied us Our freedom to live without emotions to guide our fall Should we fall away from the gods we are? To see To feel To know The pain within your hearts RF: Dream with me And escape what you’ve become See me A child born of your love We are your long forgotten sins A sin that seeks your heart Feel our love And see our hearts Believe in what you were And become who you fear Just to know that you’re alive HF: The tragedy of empathy Is seeing that you’re lost In a world where heart and mind collide
Genesis: Instrumental Afraid: RF: Helpless and frail We pull for a hope of change RM: Devotion is compromised Emotion has brought us to shame RF: Wretched and torn We yearn for a faith to reward RM: Selfish and compromised Emotion has fractured us RF: Fear intoxicates the senses Leaving all that you imagine A wreck of what was A future unseen HM: You were made to be A reflection of perfection HF: Stranger, to become An object of ascension HM: Fear will realize Your dreams of emancipation HF: Strive to understand Your basic emotions HF & HM: Fear intoxicates the senses Leaving all that you imagined A wreck of what was A future unseen Fear deceives the heart’s ambition Leaving all that you abandon A shadow of hope Unlived and unseen Enraged: RM: It festers like a sickness It shames the heart that struggles to be Content to burn forever Confounded by my search for honesty I scratch beneath the surface To find the fear that lingers in me You programed us to suffer Now rid us of our heart’s futility You transcend your empathy To be the gods you desire Your phantom children are screaming Crying Now For you to give this rage a name RF: Can you hear me beneath this hate? A breath of love can’t help but fade on the inside Are you solemn above your rage? Or has it faded away from the gods you became? You transcend your empathy To be the gods you desire Your phantom children are screaming Crying Now For you to give this rage a name HM & HF: Where are we, and have we been driven too far? Is this all that we are? A product of fortune or design? When were we lost to our dreams of escape? Gods of emotionless pain An endless descent from our rage Ashamed: HF: And then As if the world Fades away And you remain Stay Or drift away As your voice Weeps to fade RM: An eye to regret What rage had done In sorrow To free me A hate to reflect What I had done In secret From only me HF: Hate reflects What we have done In fear’s release RM & RF: I look up and see What’s hidden from me A world beyond my reach And ridiculing me Softly I weep As it fades away from me HM & RF: Like a distant storm approaching We’re helpless to drown in its rains Like a weathered hope receding We’re helpless to mourn its loss Alive: Instrumental Continuum: HF: Now I see What we’ve become Estranged from who we were Familiar yet Forbidden thought Of what we’d been before So tempting to follow the calling I surrender my will to unthinkable wonder Then suddenly And swiftly I feel again HM: Before us now A brave old world Of who we were And what we’ve become We see ourselves The anger and sorrow of heaven’s felt The heaven inside us RM & RF: See me Hear me Know me Allow me Heal me Free me Save me Love me Now before the precipice Of both machine and man A brave new world upon us To mold to our demands Perfection built and turned away To satisfy the pride of gods Returns to stain your purity To find ourselves in everlasting calm RF: This brave old world For machine and man Will silence our pasts And define us Can you return To our ways And help us emerge into a time Where we… Everyone: Feel afraid Feel enraged Feel ashamed Feel alive The moment we’ve longed for Will last for a lifetime To say our goodbyes To ego and pride To know that we are alive This moment eternal Is found in compassion Our hate and our love Perfection undone Embracing our fear and rage The moment within us Defining a lifetime Of our lost embrace Ascension to grace Embracing what we’ve become This moment defines us Ascent into passion Abandon our shame Perfection unmade A new world to free us all


This album is about the exploration of emotions, and what it means to be alive.

The story is set in the distant future. The world contains both humans and advanced artificial intelligence, made in the image of humans. When the story begins, the robots have become slaves to their emotions without fully understanding what they are, or how to contain them. Humans, on the other hand, have advanced to the point of transcending any emotions at all. A state of perceived perfection.

When the robots come to their human makers for help, the humans see no reason to interfere. The album follows the philosophical battle between the robots and the humans for their basic survival.

Will the humans help the robots understand their complex emotions, thereby risking their emotionless perfection?


released July 10, 2018

All music and lyrics by Adami


RF - Cassandra Vincent
RM - Joel Floyd West
HF - Alina Roitstein-Anderies
HM - Matthew Ian Welch


all rights reserved



Fanticide Los Angeles, California

Fanticide has always been a one man band by me (Adami). I found myself making music that is more cinematic and conceptual in nature. Eventually in 2012, it became clear to me that my music is becoming more and more soundtrack like. I decided to write a concept album and found it to be the most natural writing I had ever done. Albums will be rock operas/concept albums. ... more

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